December 22, 2013

I Just Had To: My Metal Journey

At the age of 23, why did I opt to get braces? It all goes back a photo-shoot in Beijing and my struggle to smile right, right in front of the camera. The director insisted on a bigger smile, I had always had issues with my teeth but it was at this moment that I promised myself I would get braces and set things straight, quite literally. With the much uninvited wisdom teeth, my teeth went even more haywire and well by the time I got back in India, I had pretty much set my mind to get braces.

Here is a series of entries taken in the span of ten months. 

Entry: 21st march 2013

I got braces on the upper set of teeth on 22nd February and since, at the time, I was working in a school, I was more than conscious of my image in front of the students and the teachers, not to mention in front of my friends, extended family or boyfriend but above all –myself. I have had at most 2 crooked teeth since I was a child and the dramatic entry of two of my wisdom teeth last year (2012) definitely ruined the alignment of my teeth, so much on the upper set of my teeth that it was hard just to talk/smile. Believe it or not, if you haven’t ever had crooked teeth, you can’t imagine how important it is for a person, or how conscious it can make one, even while just plain old social interaction.
One month in and one extra visit to the dentist about an gum infection- around one of the wisdom tooth which hurt like hell for a couple days: due to not taking your brush and literally shoving it behind your mouth so it cleans out every tooth; the pointy braces and a lot of wax usage, and feeble teeth that eating becomes a struggle. More than one tooth sensitive which can be due to the use of hydroxyl peroxide mouthwash. Up-side: I can finally see a slight change in the front two upper teeth and I am ecstatic! I can’t wait for these to come off!
I went to see my dentist some twenty odd days ago and he tightened the one tooth that needs to be bought down. And this time IT HURT a lot. Why? Because keeping that ‘pulled’ tooth aligned is my front tooth and all the pressure was on it. One night and one day. Took two painkillers.

Entry: 30th April

I have a dentist appointment in a couple days and I won’t lie I’m a bit scared, the one tooth that’s been pushed back needs to be pulled front and I reckon there is a good chance that the dentist might just do the honors in this appointment.

Entry: 24th May

And I am giving up! Got braces on my lower set of teeth too. Officially a metal mouth. It’s chaos in there.

Entry: 28th May

My dentist has now installed a wire in the lower set. Day 0- The painkiller helped keep numb but I still could not bring myself to eat dinner. No chewing, please. Day 1- Ouch. I am avoiding taking a painkiller and its slightly difficult talking even. I am also to travel to China soon, so I asked my dentist if another dentist could tighten my teeth while I’m away. He does not amuse him at all. He would rather keep it passive for two months than to let another doctor touch it. Oh boy.

Entry: 31st may

Too much metal scratching my skin. Damn them extra wires. Can’t even sleep at night, so annoying!

Entry: 8th July

Panic! No, no pain but I will be heading to Beijing soon and I need to find a new dentist! Skeptical about that! Also the next dentist appointment falls on my period date. Damn. ALSO the tooth between the canine and the front tooth is stubborn and not interested to come forward although the dentist did literally pull it forward last time :/ I guess similar treatments to follow. Beautiful life.

Entry: 16th July

Finally!! My teeth on the upper set are now hooked to the same wire. But I have a heavy (more like painful) price to pay. Should’ve taken a painkiller the second day too. Anyway very close to straight teeth bro! So happy.

Entry: 6th August

All my teeth, fixed straight, without any extra wires. I’m all set to travel. I've asked the doc a dozen times if I can get them taken off in November when I’m back and.. Let’s just say, we’ll see how my teeth set.

Entry: 16th September

It’s been a long time I made an entry! I just wanted to fill in about my teeth: they’re straight! Side note: I do avoid colas and coffee and sweets, they seem to irritate my teeth. But pizzas and burgers and sandwiches are on! (My dentist would kill me if he read this) Next entry: after my appointment with my doctor when I’m back in India. Super excited! Completing 8 months of braces this month. (My doc originally agreed to ten months, let’s see if I can push my luck to 9 :D)

Entry: 24th November

I got the impressions for the retainer of my lower set done; going to get them fit next week. Shortly the same procedure will follow for the upper set. Can't to see what my teeth look like without braces!!!!!!

Entry: 5th December
Lower set done, tomorrow is the big day I'm officially going to be off braces. Too excited :) 

Entry: 6th December

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