August 6, 2013

Last Minute Entry

Here I am. And here is tomorrow. Leaving tomorrow night for Beijing. I have been religiously going to the bank for roughly a month now and yet again, tomorrow will be another bank day. Yes. More last minute crap to deal with. Bua and my cousin Ila are still here. As if there wasn't enough going on in KD 16. I am sitting at the dentist office, my feet drenched from muddy water. Came here straight from the CA's office, and guess what I'm going there again tomorrow. Read another email from the cray that are dad's emails. My relationship is going down the drain. Life is not really a friend right now, more of a bully. All I'm hoping for is the right direction. I don't want to waste another minute doing what I'm not suppose to. I want to feel connected to the world. I want to feel acceptance and appreciated.

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