June 24, 2013

Road to Repentance?

Very soon, yet again, there will be traffic on the roads. Not because of your usual reasons though. There will be the temporary wooden stands, the loud religious music and the long line of men in orange with intrinsically decorated Kanvads.

How holy is this pilgrimage? The idea of an army of sinners, making a trip up north with the intention of asking for forgiveness from God is not something I can fathom. The mindset of a section of Indian backward society is to commit crimes, be it theft or something as grave as murder, with the thought of being able to ask for forgiveness and thus repenting through this annual pilgrimage. 
Repentance is not a way out, it is not a way to clear your conscious of the crimes you commit. Repentance is journey one's soul takes to truly try to build itself up again. Most of the rituals now performed are only a way to slyly make it seem to one's self that one has done its part to clean out the soul, doesn't matter what crimes may have been committed. It is a trick, the human mind has invented, a very non honorable path to a impure conscious made to think its pure.. until of course the next crime.

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